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Consultation to date

Consultation principles

We are sharing the updated Slough Central masterplan and are excited to hear the views of the local community at this stage.

As the proposals will be submitted as outline planning applications, the information available at this stage is high-level. However, we hope that the information provided shows our vision and aspiration for the site. We are very keen to hear the community’s views on our approach, in order to inform further development of the proposals and future planning applications.

This consultation is taking place ‘at a distance’ to safeguard the wellbeing of the community during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We want to ensure that the consultation is inclusive. Therefore, a range of online and offline tools have been used to promote the consultation, including a postal newsletter; e-newsletter; newspaper adverts; and social media adverts. You can provide feedback via this website or are welcome to request printed consultation materials in the post.

We are working to meet with a wide range of groups to ensure that we hear from people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, reflecting Slough’s diverse community. We would welcome any suggestions on individual groups or networks that you think we should explore.

Consultation to date

The purpose of Stage 1 of the consultation was to start a conversation with the community about Slough Central and to hear suggestions and ideas about the future of the site. During this consultation, we explained why the shopping centres are in need of redevelopment and shared an early vision for the site.

We have continued to listen to feedback as we have been working on the evolving plans. We now want to build on these discussions as we move into Stage 2 of our consultation.

We would like to thank everyone who has engaged with the consultation on Slough Central so far. As a result of your time and feedback, we have learned more about local needs, concerns and aspirations for the town centre.

Consultation feedback to date

The key themes which emerged from Stage 1 feedback included:

How we have responded to feedback

We are extremely grateful for the feedback received so far from the community.

Since we first shared our vision for Slough Central, Slough Borough Council has also released further guidance on its aspirations for the town centre. We have been working closely with Slough Borough Council to progress the proposals for Slough Central.

The primary change to the proposals has been a fresh approach to the uses proposed, with a greater focus on providing high quality new homes in the town centre, rather than the office-led approach presented at Stage 1 consultation.

The desire to see new homes in the town centre, as well as places to shop and eat, has been one of the main themes of discussions over the past year.

Here are some of the other ways we have responded to your feedback:

Delivery of more homes – the proposals now include more homes located centrally within the town centre. The masterplan will deliver a mix of housing types and tenures.

Providing quality public spaces – the proposals now include a series of neighbourhood and civic spaces for use by the public. The spaces will be safe and secure.

Improved routes and connections – the proposals include prominent, safe routes through the town centre, creating a town centre that is easier, safer and more welcoming to pass through.

Supporting the existing High Street – the proposals include new retail space, which complements the existing High Street and directs footfall to the heart of the High Street.

A focus on accessibility and inclusivity – the proposals include new routes and public spaces, which seek to provide space for all to access and enjoy within the town centre.

A focus on working with young people to ensure the proposals maximise future opportunities for them in Slough. We will be holding a series of youth workshops, but if you are a member of a youth organisation, do get in touch via the details below.

We want to ensure that the proposals for Slough Central respond to the evolving ambitions and priorities for this part of the town centre.

The Virtual Exhibition sets out further details on this approach and how we have responded to feedback.

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