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May 2021 Exhibition - Connections

Connecting to the local area

The existing shopping centres act as a barrier and restrict movement in and around the town centre. The proposals include new and improved routes through the site, making it easier and safer to pass through the town centre.

The creation of new, safe and accessible connections in this part of the town centre was a key priority for local people who responded to the Stage 1 consultation. This has been central to our vision throughout.

The masterplan will:

  • Improve connections between the town centre and the train and bus station
  • Improve connections with neighbouring areas
  • Create safe and attractive routes through the town centre
  • Encourage walking and cycling
  • Prioritise accessibility
  • Create opportunities for ‘play on the way’ for families and children

Proposed routes & connections

We have identified a number of opportunities to improve connections through and around the site.

The masterplan will:

  • Provide a direct route from the High Street to Wellington Street, creating improved connections to Slough train and bus stations
  • Provide a network of safe and secure pedestrian routes, allowing easier movement through the town centre
  • Deliver calmer neighbourhood streets in the proposed residential areas
  • Support the priority of pedestrians on the High Street

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Sustainable transport

Slough Central will support the Council’s aspiration to deliver a healthy town centre and to improve air quality locally.

In order to make environmental improvements to the town centre, Slough Central will support sustainable modes of travel such as walking, cycling and public transport which will help to reduce the need to travel by car.

Slough Central will provide:

Pedestrian and cycle routes

Cycle parking for all new homes

Cycle parking for visitors to the town centre

Electric vehicle charging points

Space for a community car club

Dedicated car parking for 30% of the new homes


The masterplan seeks to make the area around Slough Central more physically accessible to those with mobility issues.

The masterplan will make the town centre more accessible by:

Providing level access across as much of the site as possible

Committing to a disability-friendly approach to the future design of public spaces

Prioritising pedestrians within the town centre

Engagement with local accessibility groups

These principles will be established in the masterplan, providing guidance for the future detailed design.

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