Welcome to the Slough Central project website. Here you will find information on the plans to redevelop the Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre. The purpose of the website is to share the vision for the project with you and get your thoughts on ideas on how Slough Central can contribute to the growth and prosperity of Slough town centre. This is the first in a series of virtual exhibitions on the proposals and focuses on the vision and principles of the redevelopment, the context for change and planning timeline and outlines the proposed approach to key elements of the development; the type and quantum of uses proposed, plans for new public spaces and how the development could improve connectivity in the town centre, and asks for your input and feedback on these. At the bottom of each page, an indicator will take you to the next stage of the virtual exhibition. When you reach The masterplan, you will find a series of feedback questions. So far, we've heard from a wide range of residents, businesses, community groups and other stakeholders, who know Slough extremely well and care about the future of their town. The Stage 1 feedback summary, which sets out our engagement to date, feedback and next steps is available here.

What is Slough Central?

Slough Central is the project name for the redevelopment of the Queensmere Observatory shopping centre site, being led by British Land. The Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre site is owned by a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)

The project team are pleased to be able to share the vision for Slough Central with you, which will unlock the future of the town centre.